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Designed for Everyday with Function in mind.

Fashionable Handmade Quality Goods designed for Everyday with Function In Mind

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Holiday Face Masks Now Available!!!

Free Delivery in Victoria, BC, Canada

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Back Sized Heating/Cooling Bag
Back Sized Heating/Cooling Bag
Back Sized Heating/Cooling Bag
Apply hot or cold to a sore back, aide therapy and pain management.
Neck Sized Heating/Cooling Bag
Neck Sized Heating/Cooling Bag
Neck Sized Heating/Cooling Bag
Extra-long, wraps completely around your neck.
Best Deal
Complete Set Heating/Cooling Bags
Complete Set Heating/Cooling Bags
Complete Set Heating/Cooling Bags
An option for every therapeutic occasion.
was C$95.00
Save 11%

Melissa & Cameron

Meck Designs creates handmade quality fashionable sewn goods with everyday function and purpose in mind. We enjoyed how much everyone loved our products so we just had to keep designing more. Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada we are proud to offer free local delivery on all orders!

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Why Choose Meck Designs?

Our mission at Meck Designs is to create fashionable handmade quality goods with ingenuity, imagination and originality. Offering sewn only the most functional goods made with premium materials

Number 1 - Create Great Products 😍 we offer only our own designs we are proud of representing. Everyone just wants to be comfortable ... right? We want you to feel the part!

Number 2 - Support Local Economy 🤑 we shop local and offer free contactless drop-off in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Number 3 - Pay It Forward 💕 on our Facebook Page we raise funds to donate facemasks to Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Victoria

For Every Good Deed Inspires Another!

"The only mask I wear working Skip The Dishes!"

Cam Stubbs
Victoria, BC, Canada

"Got our masks from Meck Designs 😊 and loving them 💖✌"

Brandi Patterson
Victoria, BC, Canada

They are great quality and the kids love the awesome colours! Even my 5 year old will wear hers for long periods of time!!

Thank you Meck Designs

Chelsea Jones
Nokomis, SK, Canada
Soooo happy with my Meck masks! I find too often the masks I buy are too big for my small-ish face, but the adjustable straps make all the difference.
Hilary Uhler
Victoria, BC, Canada


Free Local Delivery: we currently do not have a open shop location but we do offer free delivery 😉 free gift delivery?


Victoria, Canada

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